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We Love British Airways Travel Clinics

    I always get my jabs in London. Where else can you just waltz in and be presented with a menu Some  immunizations available:

bulletPolio Inactivated (for those with weakened immune systems)
bulletTyphoid Oral (3 course dose)
bulletYellow Fever
bulletTyphoid and Hepatitis A combined
bulletHepatitis A
bulletJunior Hepatitis A
bulletHepatitis B
bulletHepatitis A & B combined
bulletMeningitis A & C
bulletMeningitis ACWY
bulletRabies IM
bulletJapanese Encephalitis
bulletDiptheria and Tetanus combined
bulletTick Borne Encephalitis
bulletTB Test
bulletTB (BCG)

 I don't know if they're still offering Bubonic Plague jabs. You'd have to ask. Prices are good, service is quick and comprehensive.

Also on offer is medical travel advice and consultation services for the areas you intend to visit, blood tests, malaria treatment kits, and everything you can imagine and more.

Best of all, they give you a nice shiny yellow "medical passport' booklet to stamp and record all your immunizations over the years. If only your doctors had thought of that.

213 Piccadilly.
London W.1.J 9HQ
nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus)
101 Cheapside
London EC2V 6DT (nearest tubes: Mansion House, Bank, or St. Paul's):

Ring on tel (from USA, first dial 011 44) (0) 845 600 2236 or click here

Find Out Before You Go...and Doctors on the Road

      How can you learn about worldwide health risks, protective immunization, and where to turn when a medical problem arises?
bullet    IAMAT --  a non-profit membership organization. Since its founding in 1960, it has been a world leader in advising travellers of health risks, geographical distribution of diseases, immunization requirements and sanitary conditions of water, milk and food, and environmental and climatic conditions around the globe.
      The IAMAT directory of physicians directs members to participating physicians, specialists, clinics and hospitals in 125 countries. Access by clicking here
bulletCenters For Disease Control
Contact this Atlanta-based government organization for current information on disease and health risks in every country. Call 404-332-4559 or click here.
bulletState Department Overseas Citizens' Emergency Center
Washington, D.C.
     Contact them for current safety and political advisories for every country. It's a bit, ah, official-looking, so brace yourself before you click here.
voice tel. 202-647-5225
modem tel. 202-647-9225
fax tel. 202-647-3000


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