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     In 1992, Pharos Books published The Ultimate Guide to Independent Record Labels & Artists by Norman Schreiber. The book was an access guide to  independent labels. Many of these labels offer authentic, haunting, special, honest, startling, special, weird and/or creative music -- music that often becomes a deep part of the listener's life and psyche. Each entry included the label's name and address, type of music offered, artist roster names, business contacts and background information.  It was a treasure map  to "yagottahearthis" recordings. 
      Many musicians found the book to be a fabulous resource both personally and professionally, An updated version is scheduled to be published in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, the text of the original work is posted on this Web site. (See buttons above.). 



  •  If you have suggestions about appropriate entries for the revised edition, please feel free to pass that information on to me via e-mail.

  • If your label is mentioned, and you have some changes for me, please share whatever you can that will help people find and appreciate your work.

  • And if you want to learn the progress of the upcoming edition
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The good news is that this archive edition is a snapshot of Indies circa 1992. The bad news is that while many labels have shown remarkable stability, this is a snapshot of Indies circa 1992. Names, addresses, phone numbers, prices, etc.  have certainly changed in many cases. Some labels have joined up with majors. Others are in label heaven.  Also gone are some of the amazing, driven people who found, saved and delivered this music to us.

The entire text of the book's first edition will remain on this site for awhile. Gradually it will be replaced by a newsletter. The newsletter will present information about new and interesting labels. It might even offer some news.